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T-REX cutter – 194

T-REX tools were developed for the machining of CFRP structural components and special requirements of the automotive and aviation industries. With its variable cutting geometry, the T-REX combines the advantages of milling cutter geometry with the delamination-free trimming quality of a compression tool. This results in high abrasion resistance for long tool life. This new development is from HUFSCHMIED patent pending. Other tooth geometries (narrow, medium or grobgeared) are possible.


Milling of edge trimming pockets and cutouts for CFRP with duroplastic resins. Another T-REX geometry is available for thermoplastic matrix systems.

The advantages:
  • Roughing and finishing
  • very long tool life
  • clean surfaces
  • prevents fiber tears
  • Delamination-free machining
  • high dimensional variety

Shadow Drill—AD401

Faster than his shadow. A special cut ensures optimized, fast chip removal. In combination with high-performance materials and a complex cutting edge geometry, the Shadowdrill can also meet the extreme requirements of particularly demanding machining processes in aluminium.

The advantages:
  • Burr-free machining, both at entry and exit
  • Excellent surface quality
  • High feed rate

Wolverine HC403BD and Bonecrusher HC405BD

Efficiency and speed combined - thanks to a unique cutting edge geometry as a high-volume roughing cutter. Optimal processing of aluminum requires the perfect tool. developed in Hufschmied's own engineering center, the Wolverine HC403BD is the perfect tool for high volume chip removal and trochiodal machining.

The advantages:
  • Perfect chip flow
  • Massive design
  • Short cutting edges
  • Extreme feeds can be displayed

"I can finally achieve the desired surface quality during milling. The Hufschmied-Tool allows higher feed rates, is quieter and lasts longer. Working with it is just fun.”

Markus Zeitz, CNC expert

“Values ​​such as the precision of tools are becoming increasingly important in the fully automated processes of Industry 4.0. The tools of Hufschmied convinced us with the highest level of precision, both in the plastic processing and in the instrument panel processing and aluminum extrusion profile processing.”

Michael Hoppe, Managing Director

"With tools from Hufschmied we were able to significantly improve the machining process when machining reinforced CFRP floor beams for the Airbus A350. With a view to avoiding delamination at all costs, predictable tool behavior and smoother machining Hufschmied-Tools are our first choice in this special process.”

Elbe aircraft works GmbH

“Anyone who has demanding machining tasks cannot avoid checking the information provided by the tool manufacturer himself on the workpieces. The tools of Hufschmied perform more here than the manufacturer promises. In our testing, the quality of the tools and the feeds they can deliver have really impressed.”

Matthias Puffe, operations manager

"Hufschmied supports Kunzmann in compiling processes for trial processing, customer presentations and trade fair demos. Here we got an excellent first impression of how Hufschmied Tools and processes optimized. It will definitely not be the last collaboration.”

Karsten Feil, application engineer

“We have been customers of the company for many years Hufschmied and very satisfied.”

Uwe Grunert, Technical Purchasing in the toolmaking division

"I knew Hufschmied from the field of plastic cutting and knew that this tool manufacturer achieves excellent results with difficult materials. It is remarkable what time savings and what quality gain can be achieved with tools that are optimized for a specific material and a machining task.”

Torsten John, Purchasing

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH we had a very good and productive cooperation. New projects were implemented in a targeted manner. The professional support and the tools individually adapted to the respective projects were the perfect basis for this successful work.

Becker carbon

The practical test has made it clear: Thanks to the more efficient processing, they are worthwhile Hufschmied-Tools for us due to the additional machine capacity and significantly longer service lives. By using the BlockBuster, we were able to quickly achieve a huge time saving, averaging 50 percent.

Maximilian Huber Jr., Managing Director

"The of Hufschmied HSC processing of plastic that was introduced is revolutionary: Because, as we have seen, it minimizes the heat input from processing, no additional stresses are generated in the component. A gain in precision and time.”

Torge Flormann, Head of Sales Export EMEA

“The time saved when roughing is enormous. The blockbuster of Hufschmied needed up to 75 percent less working time in comparison.”

Marcus Vohrer, Technology & Business Development

“We rely entirely on tools from Hufschmied and are very satisfied with the quality and the process advice. We have now determined the optimal tools and cutting parameters for each material. We have the highest level of process reliability in all machining steps.”

Cemal Ünalan, Production Manager Perpedes

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