HC402 Extension of the range

Hufschmied has for the high demands in the processing of aluminum, block material as well as all plastics developed the Protoline tools.

We have ours especially for processing with milling mats on panel machines HC402 an additional variant extended – now also available with a corner radius of 0,05 mm.

Due to the very low corner radius of 0,05 mm, sharp edges on the component and damage to the sacrificial plate are avoided during milling and straight edges can be achieved, eliminating the need for post-processing.


Optimally suited for milling on panel machines

Your benefits:

Creating straight edges when milling (90° edges)
no deburring necessary/no post-processing required
■ time savings
■ Avoidance of sharp edges

More information about the protolines you can get in our Protoline catalogue.

More information about the HC402 get in data sheet.