Customer consultations with augmented reality glasses - spatially separated and yet side by side at the milling center

As an innovative and very modern company Hufschmied always with the times and is also very progressive when it comes to digitization. Used like this Hufschmied already for 1,5 years holo lenses, which show the user an artificial and augmented reality.
This technology makes it possible Hufschmiedto interact with customers around the globe even during the Corona Pandemic. All the customer needs is a PC or notebook. Through this he can see a streamed video and follow all the work steps of the technician. This application is particularly intuitive as it allows the customer to speak to the technician at any time during the demonstration and ask any questions they may have. Thanks to this modern process, problem solving on machines can be communicated virtually by the technician and processes can be improved. The technology with the augmented reality glasses in customer dialogue is saving travel costs and times, especially now in the Corona situation - i.e. more sustainability through digitization.
However, the augmented reality glasses can do even more: other functions in addition to recording videos are, for example, the playback of checklists and instructions in an augmented reality. Thus, thanks to a hands-free environment, users can achieve quality standards more efficiently.
Especially in difficult and hard times, the true spirit of innovation can thrive. Hufschmied is proud to be a leader in innovative technologies among German medium-sized companies.