Zirconia machining: the tool makes the difference

The faculty for mechanical engineering and process engineering at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has carried out a scientific comparative test of dental technology tools for zirconium dioxide processing. The result: The selection of the milling tools has a clear effect on the quality and efficiency of the machining. Winner of the benchmark is a tool of Hufschmied Machining Systems Ltd. Hufschmied-Tools make the difference - in terms of quality, processing times and costs!

The advantages at a glance:
up to 40 percent less waste
higher service life
even suitable for the finest structures
specially adapted geometry
patented high quality diamond coating
highest accuracy when milling
Quality is retained even after several passes
in-depth understanding of material and process

Benchmark winner – HC720DT-DIP®3S

Here you can find the data sheet of the HC720DT.
The most important results of the comparison test can be found in this one Whitepaper, which you can read or download here.
Do you want to know which tools are best suited for your CNC machine and your dental milling task? You can find ours here dental catalogue.