Mill copper with high surface quality

Copper is used in electrical engineering as well as in tool and mold making. In tool and mold making, electrodes are made from it, which are needed for components with a high surface quality or for very fine structures.

Copper processing requires tools that have a high cutting edge retention and at the same time remove chips at high speed. This is the only way to avoid the formation of burrs and surface imprints, which could otherwise result from the formation of built-up edges.

Hufschmied offers the 63CWI and 63CWIR Piranha end mills for efficient, burr-free copper machining. Due to their unequal cutting pitch, these tools run extremely smoothly and therefore do not stimulate fine and thin structures to vibrate as much as the commonly used 2-edged aluminum milling tools from other manufacturers. For processing microstructures Hufschmied the mini milling tools HM905 and HM915 in TL5 or SLX coating or in the thin patented nanocrystalline diamond coating DIP®. There are these tools starting with the projection lengths 3xD up to 25xD working depth. COPPER - HSC machining.

For HSC machining of copper alloys Hufschmied the HC910 is available bare or with a TL5 PVD coating. These 3-edged high-speed torus milling cutters also allow burr-free machining at high cutting speeds. High speed machining with Hufschmied - brought HSC machining to a new level.

Highest shape and concentricity

Hufschmied Tools for copper processing are characterized by the highest form and concentricity accuracy. All of these tools are end-measured and are available with an individual measurement report. In doing so Hufschmied consistently to the highest requirements in terms of measuring methods and tolerance definitions. Please take a look at the explanations on the topics of measurement methods and tolerance definitions on the website. crosslink

The special feature of the Kupfer-Line tools is: The polished finish in the chip space and on the first clearance angle of the circumference. Long service lives and short processing times make their use very economical. And thanks to the great diversity of our range, we offer the ideal tool for almost every application.