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Welcome to Hufschmied cutting systems.

Vores forretning he production and praised udvikling af skæreværktøjer specifikt til nearest ethvert materials. This has been completed for a period of 25 years. With the “Made in Germany” model, the family is responsible for the production of specific materials and from Europe. Four representatives represent the world on the Salgspartnere and Datterselskaber.

Med ekspertise, experience and constant flow of innovations are very important for the customers in the industrial and commercial sectors at the same time as the processing and effective reduction of the food costs.

Vores salgspartner in Danmark er ekspert and processingsteknologi. Han sikrer levering on the rigtige Hufschmied-Product and hjælper dig med at bruge the optimalt in din production.


Distributor in Denmark

Mr. Director Henrik Madsen
Damvej 3
8471 Sabro

Tel .: + 4587486666