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Welcome to Hufschmied processing systems.

Ons bedrijf developed, produced and optimized snijgereedschappen for specific materials. Successful big in 25 years we know that we are competent. With this gereedschappen “made in Germany” is a family requirement and a future manufacturer of material specifications that are common in Europe. Our partners and branches in our warehouses are our products.

Door know-how, experience in constante innovation biden wij our clanten, uit diverse industrial and commercial sectors, de opportunity om hun quality te beteren hun kostprijs effective te publishers.

Our verkooppartner in the Netherlands is an expert in machining technology. Hij care for delivery van de juiste Hufschmied producten en ondersteunt bij het optimal inzetten van deze products in uw productie.


distributor in the Netherlands

CNC Freestechniek
Joop Lahm
Koningstraat 36
7315HW Apeldoorn

Phone: + 31 6 10003264