About Hufschmied

About Hufschmied

Learning from nature –
High-end partner for machining

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme has over 30 years of experience in the development and production of process-optimizing, material-related tools. Our strength is to advise our customers in their efforts to achieve the best possible manufacturing process and to optimize the processes in partnership with tools such as milling cutters and drills of the highest precision.

It's not just about the pure tool geometry, but we not only advise, develop, program, train and commission tools with our customers, but we also establish significantly more efficient processes not only on the machines, but also in the mindset of our customers. 

Hufschmied has specialized early on in the machining of plastics, glass fiber materials and carbon fibers. It was and is still necessary for you not only to develop new geometries for the tools, but also to develop and test the associated processes when using these tools to solve the tasks of our customers and to transport them into the environment of their customers.

Today the family business is counting Bobingen is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting tools in the field of new materials in Europe and has transferred these competencies to many other materials such as aluminum, hard steels, titanium or ceramics. We have already successfully solved a large number of processing tasks. We use the know-how we acquire to offer our customers solutions that reduce their process costs and minimize the need for post-processing. Our self-image is to develop reliable high-end solutions even for difficult processes and demanding materials.
For machining processes that not only ensure optimal quality, but also an optimal cost-benefit ratio for the customer. It is our aim to develop and establish processes for solving machining tasks that generate the lowest unit costs on the machines available to the customer - of course without having to accept any compromises in terms of quality requirements.

Nature is a constant role model for us, showing how maximum results in terms of service life and usability can be achieved through observation and understanding with maximum resource efficiency and natural intelligence.
We produce our material-optimized tools ourselves on the most modern production facilities in Germany. We ensure the quality of our milling cutters and drills with high-precision 3D measuring machines of the latest generation. The same applies to the development and programming of our unique machining processes.
In dialogue with universities, machine builders and customers, we continue to drive the development of high-quality process-optimizing tools and are committed to filling our claim with life every day: Hufschmied - One Cut Ahead.