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Hufschmied cutting systems for the automotive industry

The days when cars, trucks and motorcycles were just supposed to offer performance and design are long gone. Hardly any industry today is under as much pressure to innovate as the automotive industry. “Energy efficiency” is the central demand. Ever smaller, lighter, more stable means for every single component. Hufschmied knows these requirements and the very special dynamics – for decades. Together with you, we research innovative, lightweight materials, highly efficient CAD/CAM processes, high-speed machining and the tools optimized for this purpose. So that you can prove time and again that engineering is an art: What was inconceivable yesterday will roll off the production line tomorrow.

Just like the use of motor vehicles, the production of components for the automotive industry follows the principle of the highest possible efficiency. Competitive conditions demand high production speeds with consistently high quality and the lowest possible costs.

Specialized machining processes.

Hufschmied offers high-end machining tools that meet precisely these requirements. The high feed rates and long tool life of our milling cutters and drills significantly optimize the production of engineering components in the automotive sector.

Hufschmied ultrasonic blades for airbags –
Safety in machining

For safe and precise machining of airbag systems, Hufschmied has developed cutting blades made of carbide. They offer high precision and safety when cutting the synthetic skins used, especially with non-visible tear-off edges.

High-end tools for highly efficient CAD/CAM processes.

Mass-produced steel blades made of spring steel do not meet these requirements. Although they are more cost-effective, they cut with a high degree of inaccuracy. Power Blades from Hufschmied, on the other hand, increase process reliability and meet safety requirements, low tool life and accuracy demanded by the automotive industry 100 percent. The option of individual labeling with our solid carbide blades (VHM) with QR codes also ensures complete traceability.

The service life of Hufschmied blades is 10 to 20 times longer than that of mass-produced steel blades. This makes our precision tools a more cost-effective solution after only a short time. The solid carbide design also ensures extreme tool life with the highest cutting quality. The extended cycle times make virtually uninterrupted production in series operation possible for airbag blanks.

Milling car body parts with Hufschmied – precision in series production

Hufschmied has developed material-optimized carbide milling cutters for the precise machining of car body parts for the automotive industry. The Fiber-Line drilling and milling tools deliver optimum results when roughing and finishing CFRP, GFRP and SMC. They guarantee perfect edge quality that does not require any finishing.

Hufschmied’s patented high-performance cutting tools for CFRP and GFRP machining are ideal for carbon milling.

Precise high-performance machining of innovative, energy-efficient lightweight materials.

For overall results in the machining of CFRP, GFRP and SMC, Hufschmied already took first place in the benchmark test of the Vienna University of Technology in 2013.

Machining vehicle interiors –
with Hufschmied for impressive results

Hufschmied has special HSC (High Speed Cutting) milling cutters in its range for use in automotive interiors, for example for decorative components, light guides and head-up displays. These material-related cutting tools from the Sharp-Line are ideal for high gloss as well as the machining of soft plastics or soft aluminum on high-speed machining centers, such as those used in the production of interior components.

High-speed machining at high feed rates.

Industry burner

194/ 195 – T-Rex

Automotive Exterior


  • Delamination-free cut edges in CFRP and GFRP
  • Highest tool life due to coordinated diamond coatings (DIP®)
  • Highest feed rates without loss of quality
  • Highest abrasion resistance
  • Chipping-free machining even with loose top and bottom layers
  • Special toothing types also available for thermoplastic, CFRP, GRP materials
  • The peeling geometry produces chips that can be easily extracted and are therefore also suitable for power-saving extraction systems

→ T-Rex tools reduce manufacturing costs by at least 35% in CFRP and GFRP

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