Zircon, PMMA, CrCO, glass ceramics, titanium, nanocomposite, PEEK, wax: Milling, grinding, drilling, threading

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme for dental technology

In order for people to have a good laugh for a lifetime and be able to eat without symptoms, CAD/CAM technology and automated precision are required in addition to medical knowledge. The competition to provide the best possible patient care is about innovative, durable and compatible materials. And about processing them precisely without any tolerance. Hufschmied offers the process knowledge and the precise cutting tools for the most diverse combinations of machines and materials used to process crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. We know: Teeth are precision tools. They are only really good if the supply is perfect.

The dental industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Today, dentures are designed almost exclusively with the help of a virtual draft after recording the situation in the mouth on the PC (CAD). The production of the dentures is also based on the latest CAM technology and is carried out using an independently milling unit.

Wide range of tools tailored to the machine for the automated processing of dental materials.

High-performance ceramics, various alloys, nanocomposites, PEEK, PMMA and other materials are used to produce dental crowns, partial crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers that are as compatible and user-friendly as possible.

The best care for patients thanks to the highly precise shape and perfect surfaces.

For the processing of materials for the dentistry industry, users can Hufschmied draw on a broad product portfolio. Ball and full radius milling cutters, but also shank and torus milling cutters are available, precisely matched to the respective machine. Many tools are also available in a diamond-coated version.

Good results quickly and without rework.

Whether zirconium, plastic, nanocomposite, non-precious CoCr, titanium, wax or PEEK - cutting tools from Hufschmied are a success factor to fully leverage the potential of innovative dental procedures. The victory in the benchmark test of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has impressively underlined this.

Industry burner


Zirkonator® – zircon

  • Virtually vibration-free processing of zirconia thanks to the patented compression cut
  • Maximum service life thanks to four-edged skiving cut geometry
  • Nanocrystalline diamond layer avoids zircon adhesions in the chip channel
  • The peeling geometry generates chips that can be easily extracted and are therefore also suitable for energy-saving extraction systems (resource efficiency Hufschmied – booklet link)

→ The shortest possible processing times of less than 5 minutes per coping thanks to double deliveries