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Here you will find a huge selection of top milling tools for plastic machining, graphite machining, hard machining, non-ferrous metal machining, dental machining and for engraving and deburring. We would be happy to reserve your personal copy.

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TechTag 2024 program

A day for progress

Ceramic flyer

Special tools for processing ceramics

Milling cutter for CFRP & GRP

Carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics

Ultrasonic Blades Flyer

Maximum efficiency through outstanding precision

Proto Line

High-performance tools for model and prototype construction

Graphite Line catalogue

Milling tools for electrode production

Deep drawing catalog

Milling cutter for deep-drawn parts processing

Milling via Plex catalog

Cutter for acrylic & PMMA

medicine flyer

Process consulting, product performance, service

Engineering center catalogue

In just a few steps to more efficient processes

hyperDENT & Zirkonator®

High-performance tools for model and prototype construction

Bumble-Bi® catalog

Milling cutter for the production of bipolar tools

TM box

The capacity automation of the future

Graftor® Brochure

Ball and torus cutters for perfect electrodes

aluminum catalogue

Special tools for more efficient processing of aluminium

hard line

Heavy-duty tools for hardened steel

micro machining

Machining of watches and glasses

Novelties Plastic

FSW catalogue

Joining technology friction stir welding

main catalogue

plastic machining


Milling cutters for dental applications

dental catalogue

Milling cutters for dental applications

copper line

Milling tools for electrode production copper

Universal Line

Milling tools for thermoplastics, duroplastics and elastomers

Sharp line

For applications in the higher speed range


Maximum service life in CFRP materials


Ceramic milling cutters for the highest demands for processing plastics and non-ferrous materials

fiber line

For GRP/CRP materials, reinforced materials and foam materials

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