Climate protectors

Climate protectors

Aluminum, ceramics, CFRP, GFRP, copper, CrNi steels: Milling, drilling, cutting, threading, profiling, countersinking, cutting

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme for the energy industry

Large wind turbines are systems that are subject to the highest demands in terms of stability, precision and reliability. While the rotors and the construction of the outer shell are as light, dimensionally accurate and stable as possible, the components inside the systems are just as important as being able to withstand extreme temperatures. Hufschmied offers the optimized tools for high-precision machining processes of all materials used.

Rotor blades and outer skin - Innovative lightweight components, made for heavy weather

Composites, such as those used in large wind turbines, place the highest quality demands on the machining process and tool. Exact dimensional accuracy and the best surface quality are essential. Hufschmied has developed innovative special tools for processing fiber-reinforced plastics, with which particularly economical and reliable processing is possible. The occurring process forces and the process heat are minimized with the tools of the HEXA CUT® and T-REX series in such a way that delamination, fraying or fiber protrusions are reliably avoided. The components can thus be used without time-consuming post-processing.

For clean and precise processing of soft and medium-hard foam materials, such as those used inside the rotor blades, there is at Hufschmied the DFO tools of the Universal Line. For processing hard foams, our Fiber-Line has carbon milling cutters with a high removal volume. Whatever material you are processing, you can achieve it with roughing and finishing Hufschmied tools best results.

Robust Constructions – Hufschmied Tools for the inner values

In the gondolas of the wind turbines, aluminum and extruded aluminum are used in addition to GRP for interior structures. We have developed special tools for cost-efficient, burr-free and high-quality processing of this material: The shank and torus milling cutters of the CA402 series absorb reactive forces with their special base material in such a way that the cutting edge is not damaged or the tool breaks. Component quality requirements are easily met.

For friction stir welding of the lightweight material Hufschmied high-performance welding pins. Absolute tightness can be achieved with these tools when joining aluminum and AI alloys.

Industry burner


Fibercracker Honeycomb

  • Highest surface quality through gearing types matched to the preferred force direction of the honeycombs
  • Long service life thanks to microstructured cutting edges for high edge retention
  • High feed rates guarantee resource-efficient processes, with even chips that are easy to extract
  • Low cutting pressure avoids contour distortions and enables cost-effective clamping
  • The production of 3D contours is also possible without any problems with these toothing geometries