CFRP, structural CFRP, organic sheet, titanium, CF thermoplastic, honeycomb (paper honeycomb, paper-GF honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb) aluminum, aramid, Kevlar, titanium, Hastelloy, multi-material: Milling, drilling, cutting, deburring, profiling, threading, cutting, countersinking, drill countersinking

Hufschmied machining systems for aircraft construction

Economic in cost, first class in use. Hufschmied knows the special requirements of the aircraft industry. For many years, we have been helping engineers to realize demanding concepts in lightweight construction with our extensive know-how. Whether it is a matter of new and ever lighter structural components in aircraft construction, or new composite materials made of FVT, FVT thermoplastic or natural FVK in combination with titanium or aluminum, which are used today in structural components and interior fittings. We find the optimal processes to machine all components perfectly and efficiently. We are on board to harmonize mobility, environment and economy.

Leading suppliers from the aerospace industry rely on Hufschmied High Performance Tools. Our Fiber Line offers shank and drilling tools that are optimally matched to the requirements of the materials used in lightweight construction, such as glass and carbon fiber. We have also developed special drilling tools for CFRP-metal combinations, as well as for pure CFRP or GFRP. These tools do not have to be used on CNC machines. Fiber Line, Milling Per Plex, Power Blades as well as ultrasonic cutting are also ideally suited for machining in hand-held machines.

Impressive quality in aircraft interior machining

Hufschmied has special milling tools in its program for use in aircraft interiors.

Sophisticated materials are used in the manufacture of overhead bins, partition walls, side walls and even floors. Our material-related tools are ideally suited for the efficient machining of e.g. honeycomb panels, honeycomb cores, SMC, GFRP and CFRP, aramid aircraft seats, window frames, Plexiglas panes, wood veneer components and tables.

Best results in the machining of CFRP, GFRP and AFRP components with ultrasonic blades and aluminum drills from Hufschmied

Lightweight materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloys and lithium, as well as fiber composite materials such as CFRP and glass-fiber-reinforced aluminum are used in the manufacture of aircraft wings and fuselages.

Benchmark winner in optimized machining of innovative lightweight materials.

Hufschmied’s material-optimized tools offer the best tool life and machining performance in the manufacturing process of these demanding components. In 2013, Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH was awarded first place in the benchmark test from the Vienna University of Technology for the best overall result in the machining of CFRP, GFRP, and SMC.

For burr-free, delamination-free machining, quality and process reliability with long tool life.

Industry burner


Fiber Drill – CFRP drilling

  • Delamination-free bores at inlet and outlet
  • One-shot machining up to fit H7 possible
  • Force-reducing pointing leads to low temperatures and highest bore qualities
  • Tool geometry can be used on CNC machines, on robots and on hand-guided machines, thus saving qualification efforts
  • Cost reduction with every bore due to long tool life in optimum quality
  • Highest bore quality due to optimized cutting design

→ Approx. 30% higher machining speed

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