CFRP, GFRP, Aramid, Fiber Reinforced KF, Thermoplastics: Milling, Drilling, Countersinking, Cutting, Threading

Machining of innovative composite materials and plastics.

From racing yachts to helmets, protectors to sports glasses: sports equipment, gear and accessories have long since become high-tech products. Innovative composite and plastic materials enable ever lighter and more stable designs. They provide more safety and ensure extra comfort. Hufschmied accompanies and promotes progress. With unique machining expertise and our Hufschmied Engineering Center, where we work with you to research the materials of the future and their machining.

Hufschmied High Performance Tools – A cut above in sports and performance

Whether it’s a racing yacht, racing car or racing bike, tennis racket or golf club, ski, snowboard or surfboard … Wherever lightweight, high-performance, robust designs are required, companies rely on material-optimized High Performance Tools from Hufschmied for machining.

For example, the Fiber-Line with its shank and drilling tools, which are optimally adapted to the materials used in lightweight construction, such as glass and carbon fiber. Or special drilling tools for CFRP-metal combinations, pure CFRP or GFRP.

With Fiber Line, Power Blades and Ultrasonic Cutting, you get a complete range of tools from Hufschmied for every conceivable machining task. And you get maximum flexibility: Hufschmied tools produce first-class machining results not only in CNC machines, but also in hand-held machines. The highest quality is also highly economical, as time-consuming and cost-intensive reworking is no longer necessary.

Machining yacht and boat interiors with Hufschmied – How to create perfect comfort zones

Hufschmied also has special, material-optimized milling cutters in its range for the interior of sailing and motor yachts.
They are ideal for machining SMC, honeycombs, furnishing, seats, window frames and acrylic glass panes, wood veneer components and tables.

Protectors and helmets made of Aramid and Kevlar® – Maximum safety already during processing

In racing monocoques, helmets and protectors, plastics are now reinforced by textile fibers such as Aramid and Kevlar®. These ceramic-based fibers require modern, technically sophisticated machining techniques.

For optimized machining of the material, Hufschmied has developed special, particularly sharp cutting tools that also compress the material at the same time. This prevents the fiber from escaping during the cut, and you get smooth cut edges without fiber protrusions. Since the material-optimized tools such as Type161 or Type193 also have impressive service lives, there are also convincing economic arguments for processing Aramid and Kevlar® with these Hufschmied tools.

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  • Highest cutting edge quality without delamination, chipping and fiber tearing even with thin materials or high feed rates
  • Special tool geometry also suitable for organic sheets
  • Adapted diamond coating DIP ® for maximum tool life in GRP

→ Lowest costs due to machining without reworking

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