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Innovative plastics, precisely machined for reliable use.

From A for bottling plant to Z for petrol pump: In mechanical engineering there are countless areas of application and diverse tasks for modern composites and innovative plastics. They master requirements that no other material can meet. And when processed correctly, the materials do their job extremely reliably, durably and quickly.

High-speed composite machining in the food and pharmaceutical industries

In the production plants of the food and pharmaceutical industries, materials with a high proportion of carbon fibers prove their worth every second, as do high-performance thermoplastics such as PEEK.

Where maximum travel speeds are aimed for, as little mass as possible should be accelerated and braked. This makes the modern CFRP material, with its exceptional strength and low weight, the ideal material.

From Hufschmied come the tools to process CFRP with precision: The tools were developed for exact dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. Tools like HEXA CUT® or T-REX deliver optimal results when milling fiber composite materials. Delamination, fraying or fiber protrusions on the components are avoided by minimized process forces and process heat. This makes the machining of these components reliable and economical.

Machining plastic components and molded parts perfectly - clean cut edges, clean processes

Plastics with their diverse properties are predestined for a wide variety of applications in mechanical engineering. They display their advantages over other materials in many environments. Plastic is the material of choice where light, easy-care and robust housings are required. Where sterile contact with food is required. And finally, where resistance to solvents, plasticizers or other chemicals is crucial.

For the reliable and economical machining of plastics, however, special features must be taken into account. Hufschmied meets the special conditions with milling cutters that are optimally adapted to the materials. These dissipate the processing heat via the chips and thus also ensure high feed rates with optimum surface quality.

With tools from the Universal Line and the Sharp Line Hufschmied ideally suited tools for burr-free and post-processing machining of thermoplastics. The Sharp-Line and Universal-Line tools are convincing for elastomers such as rubber, latex or caoutchouc, which are very difficult to machine. The use of tools from the Universal Line and the tools from the Proto-Line are ideal for processing thermosets, where the focus is on freedom from burrs, quality of the cutting edge and high feed rates.

Processing packaging foam - this is how your products arrive safely

For monitors, sensitive electronics and many other valuable products, foams with foamed PU are the best solutions for securely packaging and shipping products. With Hufschmied Tools you achieve perfect results when roughing and finishing the material. With minimal cutting pressure, soft and medium-hard foams can be processed with the DFO tools of the Universal Line. Carbon cutters with a high removal volume from the Fiber-Line are suitable for hard foams.

High machining quality, high feed rates and best tool life. The combination of these factors not only ensures the best possible safety for your products, but also particular cost-effectiveness. Up to a quantity of around 10.000, the production of foam parts is included Hufschmied Tools the most cost-effective solution for custom foam packaging.

Titanium materials are increasingly being used for highly stressed machine components.

High-strength steels are used for tribologically abrasive components such as guides or control edges. Exact machining with a long service life is a very frequently requested process technology from the company thanks to the expertise in tool and mold making Hufschmied.

Industry burner


Proto-Line - Duroplast

  • Microstructured cutting edges result in the highest surface quality combined with high feed rates
  • Specially matched carbide avoids built-up edges
  • Polished chip flutes generate a high chip flow rate and avoid chip accumulation
  • Low machining temperatures keep the workpieces free of chips and make subsequent tempering processes superfluous