Aluminum has become indispensable in aircraft construction as well as in the automotive industry. Whether pure aluminum, medium-hard aluminum alloys, hard aluminum alloys, hypereutectic or hypoeutectic aluminum alloys, or aluminum extrusion materials – Hufschmied offers optimized cutting tools for all aluminum materials. But Hufschmied tools not only set standards in machining, but also in connection by means of FSW – Friction Stir Welding, Hufschmied pins and shoulders are the benchmark.

Milling aluminum efficiently and without damaging tools

When selecting the optimum tools, the cutting geometry, such as the number of cutting edges, the base material and the coating are particularly important for the tool’s application behavior, depending on the task. In the case of aluminum alloys, it is important to optimize the stock removal rate and chip evacuation as well as the surface quality in order to be able to remove a rework-free component from the machine after machining.

Advantages in aluminum profile and block machining:

  • Special cutting geometry and carbides
  • Short machining cycles​
  • Long tool life​
  • Series production of smooth and burr-free components​
  • High surface quality​

Advantages with aluminum drilling machining:

  • High fitting accuracy​
  • Concentricity and surface quality
  • High feed rates
  • High tool life


Milling pure aluminum and soft aluminum alloys without burrs

Milling cutters and drills with different cutting edge geometries and coatings are suitable for machining aluminum alloys. Pure aluminum can be optimally machined with the single-edged tools from the Sharp-Line. For machining soft aluminum alloys, we recommend the use of tools from the Universal- or Sharp-Line. Here, the quality of the cutting surface and the absence of burrs are the most important factors. The cutting edge geometries in the Sharp-Line and Universal-Line from Hufschmied offer long tool life with the highest surface qualities without the formation of burrs.

Milling medium-hard aluminum alloys at high feed rates

For machining medium-hard aluminum materials, we recommend using our Proto-Line tools with two or three cutting edges. These tools have polished cutting edges and coatings that prevent the formation of built-up edges. Thus they offer an optimum stock removal through high feed rates at high in-feeds, and excellent tool life. These tools are also available with internal coolant supply on request.

Efficient milling of hard aluminum alloys

Hufschmied tools can be adapted to the respective requirement profile thanks to PVD coating or a nanocrystalline diamond coating DIP®. This ensures optimum cost efficiency when milling these aluminum alloys. The specially developed HC 452 and HC453 full radius cutters and the HC 402 and HC403 torus cutters are suitable for machining these materials at particularly high speeds. For trochoidal applications, HC403BD “Wolverine” torus cutters have been specially developed to provide finish-milling level surfaces with high depth of cut and infeed width.

Drilling of aluminum with SHADOW-Drill AD401

For drilling medium-hard and hard aluminum alloys at high feed rates SHADOW-Drill tools were developed by Hufschmied as 2-cutter drills. A drill that is this fast is only possible due to a special pointing geometry, which massively reduces the forces that occur and also does not provoke burr formation when exiting. (coating PVD and diamond) (also available with IKZ)

Thread milling and drilling thread milling

The “Threagster” thread milling cutters HC403GF and the Threagster drilling thread milling cutters AD402GF are designed for the production of threads up to 3xD. Hufschmied supplies these tools as standard for thread sizes from M2. For deep threads, Hufschmied offers the single-edged 110GF tools for thread depths up to 10xD.

Friction stir welding with Hufschmied FSW pins for
gas-tight connections of flat components

High-performance welding pins for modern friction stir welding of lightweight materials.
Complete impermeability when joining flat aluminum or aluminum alloys is in high demand in industries such as vehicle construction, aerospace, rail transport construction, shipbuilding or even medical technology. But also in e-mobility and electrical engineering, more and more components are joined by means of FSW. Due to their material-specific know-how, Hufschmied supplies unique FSW pins for serial use made of solid carbide and correspondingly developed PVD coatings, whereby these pins allow up to 100% more feed, with 60% more tool life at the same time. Hufschmied offers tools optimized for friction stir welding as well as machining tools for efficient machining of high-strength aluminum alloys.