strand aluminum

Reliable milling of extruded aluminum

Extruded aluminum profiles are required in a wide variety of industries. This material is regularly used in the automotive industry. It is also used, for example, in window profiles or in structural walls for interiors. A new area is also e-mobility, because here, too, extruded aluminum profiles are used for the battery systems of the 2nd generation due to their size and the good integration capability into the vehicle structure, which are first welded using friction stir welding and then also processed accordingly. Your advantage: One contact person for both processes.

When processing extruded aluminum profiles, it is generally important that there are no burrs and that the milled edges have an optimal surface finish. From Hufschmied you receive the specially designed and manufactured tools with which you can process the material in a high-quality and cost-efficient manner. In addition to the surface quality and freedom from burrs Hufschmied Great importance is attached to the quietest possible processing combined with high processing speeds.

Special base material for optimal power transmission

The shank and torus milling cutters of the CA402 series are designed in such a way that they easily meet the requirements for component quality when machining extruded aluminum profiles. Thanks to their specially developed base material, they absorb retroactive forces in such a way that the cutting edges are not damaged and the tool does not break.

For extruded aluminum profiles, such as those found in automobile or window construction, we recommend the single-edged milling tools from the Universal Line and the milling cutters from the CA402 series. The special cutting edge geometry and its execution in a special hard metal substrate enable these tools to also be used in robotic machining centres.