Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals or light metals are steadily gaining in importance, especially with modern lightweight construction in the automotive and aerospace industries. However, they also play an important role in sectors such as the medical and dental industries as well as in mechanical engineering.

Milling non-ferrous metals / light metals without burrs

When milling and drilling light metals, the aim is always to achieve burr-free machining in order to avoid reworking as far as possible. In addition, producers of non-ferrous metal components expect very long tool life with high surface quality from the tools used.

In machining, it is important to achieve the most uniform, comma-shaped chip formation possible. In this way, the component surfaces remain intact and no clogging occurs at the tool flutes.

High feeds and infeeds

Hufschmied tools are characterized by the material-specific microstructure of the cutting edge, the matched base material, the coating and the very good cutting-edge retention of the geometry. These tool properties enable you to use your machines with maximum efficiency using high feeds and high infeeds and to significantly reduce the costs per component.

We mainly use Proto-Line tools for this.