Ox-Ox compounds

Milling ox-ox connections

Fiber-reinforced ceramics, which are made up of ox-ox compounds, i.e. oxidic compounds, are enjoying increasing popularity in many areas of mechanical and plant engineering. In addition, oxide ceramics can be used wherever hot or abrasive media come into contact with components.

As with classic ceramic processing, a distinction is also made between green and white processing for fiber-reinforced ceramics. During green processing, the ceramics are machined in the unfired state. For this we recommend the use of DIP diamond-coated tools with our DIP®3S layer, a nanocrystalline diamond coating. The Piranha torus cutters and ball cutters with DIP3S and the mini milling tools HM9X5 are characterized by this coating.

Reduced cutting pressure for filigree contours

Due to their cutting edge geometry, the Hufschmied tools have a significantly reduced cutting pressure when machining ox-ox compounds. Even filigree contours can be produced without any breakouts.

Recommended for white processing are the Hufschmied PCD tools P100ECO and P100RECO. Due to the high hardness and high abrasiveness of the fired ceramics, these tools represent the most efficient way of processing the components.