CFRP / carbon fiber

Mill CFRP / carbon fiber materials without leaving any residue

When processing CFRP with conventional tools, one is repeatedly faced with the challenge of preventing the material from fraying, delaminating or splintering. Adjusting a tool in such a way that it does not cause damage at the entry or exit point of the CFRP component is downright a conflict of goals.

The precision tools from Hufschmied enable absolutely clean cutting edges with optimized tool geometry. Process-reliable, without rework and without the risk of damage. Thanks to their patented cutting geometries, the tools from Hufschmied also with the machining of CFRP with the best results. Fraying and burr defects, material damage and delamination are reliably minimized. completely avoided, both when milling and when drilling. The cost-intensive reworking of the top layers can thus be avoided.

For economical machining of CFRP Hufschmied special process-optimized milling cutters and drills as well as other cutting tools. The HEXACUT® and T-REX tools in particular deliver the best results when milling fiber composites.

Clean cut edges without post-processing

Since high-strength carbon fibers alternate with a soft matrix in CFRP, machining the material poses particular challenges. Precise processing is also made more difficult by the different properties that the material has, depending on the angle at which the cutting wedge engages with the grain.

Special, process-optimized milling cutters and cutting tools are therefore required for clean cutting edges without post-processing. Hufschmied offers the largest standard program for the economical machining of CFRP. The HEXACUT® and T-REX tools in particular deliver the best results when milling carbon fiber materials.