GRP / fiberglass

Mill GRP / glass fiber materials with hard tools as best as possible

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) plays an important role in aerospace, motorsport and automotive engineering. The insulators of wind turbines are also often made of GRP.

On the one hand, GRP is very stable, on the other hand, it is also very abrasive. At the very least, hard metal tools are required to process the material. Tools with diamond blades are often even more suitable. In addition, the appropriate geometry of the tool and the determination of the optimal cutting data are also decisive for successful machining.

Milling GRP without delamination and chipping

tools from Hufschmied enable efficient and economical milling and drilling of GRP without delamination and chipping. For this we have developed special pyramid-toothed routers and diamond-coated solid carbide tools. With a glass fiber content of around 75% or more, PCD tools are also made by the company Hufschmied for use. developed. Optimally tailored to the heterogeneous layer structure of fiber-reinforced composites, they offer the best results and make post-processing superfluous.

Hufschmied offers the largest standard program for processing glass fiber reinforced plastic economically.