Mill honeycomb without tearing

Honeycomb materials are mainly used in the aerospace industry. They are characterized by high rigidity and very low weight. That is why they are particularly suitable as aircraft floors or walls. The materials are also increasingly being used in the advertising material industry and in the furniture industry. Honeycomb is available as a paper honeycomb structure, as a GRP honeycomb structure or as an aluminum honeycomb structure.

The material is machined into a coarse powder. When milling aluminum honeycomb, comma-shaped chips are formed. For perfect processing results, it is important that the honeycombs are not torn out during processing, but are cut off smoothly - both on the forehead and on the peripheral cutting edge of the milling tool.

Hufschmied offers the HEXACUT®-PW tools for honeycomb material with skins and the FIBER-Cracker tools for honeycomb materials without skins. In addition, the WHK ultrasonic cutting blades for trimming honeycomb panels without top and bottom layers have been in the program since 2018.

Neatly and smoothly trimmed combs

The Hufschmied Milling cutters, drilling tools and ultrasonic blades cut the honeycomb cleanly and smoothly - at very high feed rates. This reduces processing times, minimizes post-processing and significantly reduces costs.

The WHK cutting blades are not made up of several soldered parts, but are made monolithically from VHM. This means that the ultrasonic vibrations of the generator can be transmitted almost loss-free via the Sonotrans to the tip of the blade, and significantly higher vibration amplitudes can be achieved. In this way, the honeycombs are separated cleanly and without distortion, even at high feed rates.