natural fiber

Milling natural fibers economically

Natural fibers are mainly used as fiber reinforcement in the automotive industry. Flax and hemp fibers are used, for example, to reinforce door panels. Thanks to their origin in nature, natural fibers grow back and are therefore virtually inexhaustible as reinforcement for plastic parts.

However, as a natural material, the fibers also place special demands on the cutting tool: they exhibit greater fluctuations in their characteristic values. Their inconstant structure requires specially designed tools for a stable cutting process. In addition, natural fiber materials are also very abrasive and can char if the heat input is too high during processing.

Compression tools for cost-effective editing

For cutting natural fibers Hufschmied Carbon milling cutters in gear types N and WD, each with DIP®3S diamond coating. When processing the special Keinath natural fiber, our 068HFOPC HEXACUT® bulldozer with fine teeth offers optimal results.

The compression tools from Hufschmied enable cost-efficient processing of composite materials made of natural fibers and impress with good cutting performance and a long service life.