Mill titanium as best as possible

In dental technology, titanium grade 5 is often used for the manufacture of implants, crowns, prostheses and superstructures. Long durability, high strength and good compatibility with the body make titanium a suitable dental material for many applications. Hufschmied has developed tools with optimized and patented cutting geometries for titanium, with which the material can be processed in the best possible way.

Improved surface finish and durability

High temperatures occur when milling titanium. Due to the special cutting edge geometry of the HC720DT radius milling cutter or the HC910DT torus milling cutter, this is optimally removed through the chips. The high-gloss polished chip chamber also ensures an extremely high chip flow rate. This removes the abrasive titanium chips from the effective zone of the milling tool. These special properties of the tools from Hufschmied ensure a long service life with optimal surface quality of the crown, bridge or the entire implant.