Efficient milling of glass ceramics

Due to their translucency, glass ceramics are a popular material in dental technology. The material has a partial translucency and thus ensures a very natural appearance of crowns and veneers, for example. Glass ceramics often consist of feldspar or dilithium disilicate. These mineral materials are extremely brittle and very hard. For this reason, glass ceramics have so far mostly been processed by grinding. Hufschmied However, thanks to the further development of PCD tools, it is now possible to process these materials by milling using geometrically defined cutting edges. By using these tools Hufschmied users can also process glass ceramics efficiently and in a process-optimized manner.

Special PCD tools for more efficiency

Hufschmied offers both grinding tools and PCD tools of the latest generation for processing glass ceramics. Do you have questions about the processing of glass ceramics? We are looking forward to your message. Our technical consulting works with you to develop the optimal solution for your machining task.