How Hufschmied can achieve optimum quality when machining zirconium oxide

One of the newest and most popular materials for dental work is ceramic zirconia.

Research results show that ZrO2 machining can be performed more efficiently when a tool uses an optimized tool geometry.

In addition, a diamond-coated tool for machining delivers better results and maximum service life, as this guarantees a perfect result even after a long service life. Otherwise, the likelihood of the fine structures of ZrO2 chipping or breaking through increases, as worn cutting edges put too much pressure on the tall, slender pinnacles of a coping.

The faculty for mechanical engineering and process engineering at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has carried out a scientific comparative test of dental technology tools for zirconium dioxide processing. The result: The selection of the milling tools has a clear effect on the quality and efficiency of the machining. The winner of the benchmark is the HC720DT-DIP®3S from Hufschmied.

The tools of Hufschmied achieve a square output of 99% in tests even after the last blank tested has expired. They are the only ones who can show a constant result. Both the quality of the pinnacle and the floor achieve excellent values ​​in all three processing cycles. This allows the tools of Hufschmied achieve a result that largely eliminates the need for additional manual post-processing. The overall work process is optimized and the quality improved.

Here you can read the complete white paper of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Tool systems for zirconium discs and blocks in various densities

For the powder material to be machined Hufschmied developed a tool combination that deals with the different states of zirconium discs and blocks in different densities.

One, two or three-edged tools are available for roughing, both as spherical and torus tools. For finishing, we offer two- and three-edged sliding finishing tools. For the higher compressed zirconium oxides, we have the HC720DT / HC910DT tools in our range as roughing tools with three cutting edges. The 105SHR model is ideal as a finishing cutter.

For the less compacted grades, we recommend the HM915/HM905 tools as roughing cutters or the 104SHR model as finishing cutters.

All tools for milling zirconium oxide are provided with the nanocrystalline diamond coating DIP®3S. This coating reliably prevents dust from settling on its surface.