Plastics are extremely flexible in their technical properties. Therefore, in very different formulations, they are used for a wide variety of applications and in almost every industry. Just a few examples of plastics applications are molded parts, packaging materials or housings in vehicle construction.

Milling plastics

The machining of plastics involves a number of special considerations. For example, plastics have a significantly lower thermal conductivity than metals. Heat generated during machining must therefore be dissipated via the chip or minimized from the outset by means of suitable cutting edge geometries. For this purpose, Hufschmied offers milling cutters optimally adapted to the respective material, which at the same time also ensure high feed rates with optimum surface quality.

The right milling tool – specific for each material

Our program includes HSC cutters, torus cutters, thread milling cutters, side milling cutters, drill countersink cutters and end milling cutters and drills: For every machining task, Hufschmied offers exactly the right tool for plastics, which enables the most efficient machining possible without reworking.