Acrylic glass / plexiglass

Optimal milling of acrylic glass

Face protection and protective walls - the corona pandemic brings to mind the advantages of a well-known material: Plexiglas®. However, the efficient machining of this material is complex, because the following applies: "The best cutting edge is the cutting edge that you cannot see".
Special tools such as the 110FPRV "Raven-V" Plexiglas milling cutter from the Milling by Plex line are used for this purpose Hufschmied employed.

One challenge when machining PMMA, acrylic, Plexiglas® or Makrolon® is that these plastics become too hot during processing and can even melt. At the same time, no ridges may be visible on the cutting edge, so as not to present the clear edge in an unclean negative manner. The Hufschmied "Milling by Plex" special tools are our answer. An innovative single-edged geometry makes it possible to process the sensitive, transparent materials without burrs and with almost crystal-clear cutting edges, despite the high feed rates. Machining is even possible in one step with the 110FPRV roughing and finishing tool. Without changing tools and without repolishing. The best service lives also increase efficiency and economy.

Other tools in the range include the Milling Per Plex 110FPER Radius Mill for 3D machining and the Milling Per Plex V-Slot Mill 110V and 110W, our tool specifically for lettering, chamfering or profile cutting.

For optical instruments or lenses that meet the highest demands, we use our MKD single-edged torus milling cutter M112 and the full-radius milling cutter M112R. Due to the absolutely sharp cutting edges of the monocrystalline diamond MKD with their cutting edges only a few nanometers wide, optical results can be achieved that show light transmission WITHOUT impairment.

"Milling Per Plex" tools for crystal-clear cutting edges

When processing acrylic or PMMA, milling cutters and drills are required that produce a crystal-clear cutting edge. This is accomplished with our Milling by Plex tooling system, which combines the roughing and finishing operations into one operation. The Hufschmied Tools have a wide range of applications and a high level of process reliability. In addition, the ball and torus cutters are designed in such a way that soil processing can be carried out in the same way as the production of deep grooves.