block material

Mill block material without leaving marks or markings

Block material is mainly used in model and jig construction today. In particular, the relatively soft synthetic resin block material Ureol® is used as a material for CNC-milled prototype models, functional models, trade fair models and automotive models or devices.

For chipping block materials Hufschmied in the Proto-Line a wide range of ball milling cutters, torus milling cutters and end milling cutters. We cover a very wide range of diameters from 1mm to 32mm cutting diameter. With different coatings, our tools take into account the respective properties of the different block materials and thus enable high-quality surfaces with a very long service life.

Special cutting geometries for deep cavities, bars and pins

Special thanks to the BLOCKBUSTER tool system with its 3 different gear types N for fine, WD for medium and GR for coarse, we are always able to provide the right cutting edge geometry for the selected block material. The selection of the toothing is based on the density of the respective material. GR for the light block materials, WD for the medium densities and N for the high-strength block material grades.

Clay or industrial plasticine

CLAY's are plasticine materials for industrial use. They are mainly used in the design departments on special machines to represent the shape of the later car, truck or train up to a 1:1 model and thus make it possible to experience it physically and haptically. Due to the relatively weak and unstable machining conditions, it is important here to use tools that do not smear and do not slow down the chip flow of the plasticine. In addition, due to the size and length of the tools, only balanced tools should be used.