For clean and precise processing of foam materials

Especially for the production of soft and medium-hard foams Hufschmied DFO tools (Universal Line) developed. Carbon milling cutters with a high removal volume from the Fiber-Line can also be used for processing hard foams.

Do you want to avoid leaving marks on the floor when inserting the milling cutter and want the cutting edges to be smooth and without fraying? The milling chips when processing PE and PU foams should also be easily and completely extracted? Hufschmied offers you milling tools optimized for these materials and requirements, such as the 103DFO or 103DFOR from the Universal Line.

The special tool geometry of these tools reduces the cutting pressure to a minimum. Whether you process foams made of crosslinked and non-crosslinked PE or foam-filled PU for the packaging industry, orthopedic technology, the furniture industry or for seats for the automotive or aviation industry: With Hufschmied achieve the best results in roughing and finishing.

For deep pockets, 103DFO and 103DFOR are available in long versions up to 200mm. The tool's optimized face geometry prevents plunge markings on the bottom of the pockets. You can even create tapered edges precisely without fluff and fibers. There is no dust, but chips that can be easily extracted. And you benefit from high feed rates and the best tool life - for economical foam processing.

Sharp cutting geometries especially for soft foam

In the case of foams, no markings or impressions of any kind must be recognizable as a result of processing. The tools for milling foam require a very sharp cutting edge geometry in order to avoid crushing the soft foam. Since very high blocks are often processed, very long tools with long cutting edges or with exposure are often required. In the Hufschmied program you will find these tools as standard for quick delivery from stock.