Milling titanium economically

Titanium is used as a material in aircraft and automobiles for highly stressed parts that still have to be light. Titanium materials in various grades are used, for example, for compression blades in engines or for the connection of wings and fuselage components. Titanium forms an extremely resistant oxidic protective layer in air and, as an alloy additive, also ensures high corrosion resistance. This also makes the material interesting for applications in seawater or media containing chloride.

Medical technology, on the other hand, uses titanium for implants, since titanium is inert in the body and does not trigger any allergic reactions. Grade 5 titanium is mainly used here. In order to process titanium economically, tools with special geometries are required. On the one hand, they must be designed for the high level of abrasion when milling titanium, and on the other hand they should not cause any burr formation on the components.

Since the properties of the different grades of titanium are very different, Hufschmied several tool types for this machining. All tools have highly polished chip flutes which, in combination with the number of cutting edges and geometries, form a complete range of shank, torus and full radius tools. In this way, we provide you with the right tool for optimal, cost-effective high-performance machining for every titanium material. Both when roughing and finishing titanium materials.

Optimized tools for every degree of hardness

Titanium is primarily offered in five grades. The special substrates and coatings on the different tool geometry lines allow the user to individually solve his processing tasks on the various processing machines. From Hufschmied three, four and five flute torus and full radius milling cutters are available, also in combination with chip breakers suitable for titanium. Both wet and dry machining is therefore possible. Polished chip flutes and guide chamfers prevent material smearing and reduce the chip temperature.

With suitable PVD coatings, the service life of the Hufschmied-Titanium tools can also be significantly increased. The control and adjustment of the surface quality in the chip flutes and flanks is very important, since increased friction leads to increased heat input and thus causes the titanium chip to anneal, especially when machining titanium. This problem is at Hufschmied prevented by the exact setting of the surface qualities after grinding and after coating. It doesn't matter whether it's milling tools, drilling tools or thread milling cutters for titanium processing.