Milling magnesium at high speed

Magnesium is very light thanks to its low density. It is about a third lighter than aluminum. At the same time, it has a high specific strength and is therefore ideal for lightweight construction. This makes magnesium an interesting material, especially in the automotive industry.

Hufschmied has specialized in high-speed machining in magnesium milling and drilling. Thanks to their highly polished chip flutes, drills and milling cutters from the Proto-Line are optimized in their friction effect against the magnesium chip so that the material does not ignite even with relatively small chip thicknesses. The tools are also available with internal cooling. Blowing air can keep the machining process very cool here and further minimize the risk of ignition.

Polished chip flutes and guide chamfers for optimal results

For the machining of magnesium there are from Hufschmied Torus and full radius milling cutters with two, three, four and five cutting edges. Polished chip flutes and guide chamfers prevent material smearing and reduce chip temperature for highly efficient and fast machining.