Steel is the most widely used metallic material and is found in almost every industrial sector. There are over 2000 different types of steel, differing in hardness, formability and toughness, which can be used depending on the requirements profile.

Milling steel with constant force

Hufschmied tools prove their particular strengths especially when cutting hard steels, such as those found in toolmaking, mold-making or engine construction. They deliver convincing efficiency and performance.

Hard steels place high demands on the microstructure of the cutting edge and the PVD coating. Our specialized tools offer users consistent process forces and a heat balance that remains consistent for a long time.

Cutting tools for steel in any hardness range

Hufschmied’s Hard-Line tools are optimally designed to meet the requirements of machining steel in the various hardness ranges. For chrome-nickel alloys, there are special tools with positive cutting edge geometry in the program. Special solutions are also available for milling and drilling cobalt-chromium.