CrNi steel

Milling CrNi steel

CrNi steels, as stainless steels are also called, are always used where components come into contact with water or other corrosive media. CrNi steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and is therefore the first choice for the manufacture of engine components and many components in the chemical industry.

When manufacturing these products, the aim is usually to have the shortest possible processing time while at the same time having a long service life for the cutting tools.

High feed and finishing cutters for more efficiency

Hufschmied has tools in its range for machining CrNi steel that have been specially developed for milling and drilling tough and hard materials. These include the tools of the HC1X0 series, which are available as ball and torus milling cutters and have various PVD coatings from TL8 to TL12.