Steel from 56 to 64 HRC

Milling steel from 56 to 64 HRC

Steel with a hardness of 56 HRC to 64 HRC Hufschmied than the area of ​​medium-hard steels. The areas of application for these grades range from injection molding tools for fiber-reinforced materials to tools for master molds to highly stressed parts in mechanical engineering.

The cutting tools from Hufschmied convince with the short machining time in the machining of medium-hard steels, which is just as important as with their long service life.

High feed and finishing cutters for more efficiency

For machining steel in the range from 56 to 64 HRC Hufschmied developed a time-saving concept: It consists of the high-feed milling cutter HHF646 and the high-feed ball milling cutter HHF676 in combination with the finishing milling cutters of the HC6X2 to HC6X4 series.

We recommend the HHM905 and HHM915 mini milling cutters for processing small components. All tools can be supplied with the PVD coatings TL12 to TL13.