emotional worlds

emotional worlds

PEEK, plastic, UHM-PE, PEEK-CF, CFRP, aluminum, CrNi, CrCo, HARD STEEL, titanium:
Milling, drilling, cutting, reaming, chamfering, deburring, profiling

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme for medical technology

implants. Surgical instruments. medical apparatus. Rapid progress in medical technology makes doctors and patients dream. Hufschmied passionately helps to make these dreams come true. We accompany medical technology in the research of innovative compatible materials and processes. Then we deliver material-specific cutting tools for the processing of workpieces in the highest perfection. Technology should serve people. And if it helps him to regain independence, mobility and tactile perception, then she lives up to this claim. It's great that high-tech can be so emotional.

The use of new, innovative materials in medical technology benefits many people who depend on medical technology. Hufschmied offers the right process-optimizing tools for the production of these aids - perfectly matched to the respective material.

Process-optimized for innovative medical technology. Perfectly fitting implants and prostheses.

Tools for medical technology are often special tools that have to be characterized by repeatability and validated manufacturing processes. Various plastics, but also metals and alloys are used for this purpose. Our production program includes special milling cutters and drills for the cost-effective and fast production of these demanding engineering components. Our special carbide tools are perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Numerous customers are already benefiting from our many years of experience in processing a wide variety of materials for medical technology. The process-optimized milling and cutting tools from Hufschmied are used, for example, in the manufacture of knee prostheses and dental implants, but also in the manufacture of dialysis machines and pacemakers. They impress with precision, speed, freedom from burrs and a long service life.

Plastics in medical technology – with Hufschmied cut without post-processing

In the field of implants, components made of plastics such as UHM/PE, Peek or Peek-CF are used. For processing them, we recommend toric milling tools, copy milling cutters, but also twist and step drills.

Validated and repeatable manufacture of medical instruments and apparatus without post-processing costs

These tools guarantee fibre-free, burr-free processing and a high surface quality.

Processing metals in medical technology – with optimized tools from Hufschmied

In the manufacture of medical technology products made of metal, the longevity of the processing tools is particularly important. In addition to long tool life, the focus is on large material removal rates and high surface quality without burr formation.

Tools for the production of surgical instruments made of stainless steel and implants made of titanium or high-strength alloys pose a particular challenge. Chrome-cobalt alloys for hip joints, for example, are highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Since these are relatively hard and mechanically very stable, the cutting tools used must be adapted precisely to these conditions in order to avoid short downtimes. For example, the cutting edge must be positioned just right to prevent notch wear.

High-precision machining of plastic, high-strength alloys or titanium.

Cutting edge geometry and cutting material are also decisive when machining titanium. In addition to a perfect cut, favorable chip formation must be guaranteed. In addition, the temperature must not rise too much, since titanium reacts strongly chemically with the cutting material of the tools at high temperatures and gives off a lot of heat via the tool used during processing. The right cutting speed and the right feed are decisive factors for flawless machining results.

Hufschmied supports you with these tasks not only with the perfectly suitable tools, but also with consulting and our extensive process know-how. Contact us.

Industry burner


Universal line – plastic

  • Highest surface quality when finishing sliding surfaces, especially in UHM/PE
  • High feeds due to special cutting edge geometry, especially in the center
  • Burr-free and therefore rework-free processing
  • Microstructured cutting edges lead to a consistently low surface roughness

→ Cost reduction through freedom of post-processing and increase in processing speed