In our store we offer milling cutters and solid carbide tools, but also PCD and ceramic tools, which are tailored to the special needs of the different industries such as tool and die making or plastics processing.
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For machining plastics on simple CNC machines in the low and medium feed range, the ECO-Line tools Z2 are the cost-efficient option in the Hufschmied range. The cutting edges, especially on deep-drawn thermoplastic components, are burr-free and smooth. Due to the particularly optimized tip geometry, these tools plunge into the material without increased temperature and do not throw up a bead around the bore. Due to the polishing grinding, the chips remain relatively cold, which causes them to be quickly and purposefully removed from the cutting zone without smearing.


The Universal-Line includes all tools, such as end mills and thread milling cutters, as well as drills for machining plastics. The necessary form and side milling cutters for the demanding machining of plastics are also represented. A special application area for the Universal-Line HSC cutters with three cutting edges is foam machining for milling foam, as well as the tools for surface machining for medical technology.


The Sharp-Line includes special HSC cutters for high gloss or the machining of soft plastics or soft aluminum on high-speed machining centers, which are used especially in the interior sector of the automotive or aerospace industry.


For the needs of Plexiglas machining, there are the tools from the Milling Per Plex line. For machining clean edges in Plexiglas, the end mills and full radius mills represent a highly cost-effective and easy-to-use technology.


In the High-Performance Tools product area, tools for model making are covered by the Proto-Line, which offers torus cutters and full-radius cutters for ureol and aluminum.


The Fiber-Line includes end mills and drilling tools that meet the requirements of materials used in lightweight construction, such as glass and carbon fiber. There are also special drilling tools for CFRP-metal combinations, as well as for pure CFRP or GFRP. These tools do not necessarily have to be used on CNC machines. The Fiber Drills and the HEXA-CUT tools are also used in hand-held machines.


These all-ceramic cutting tools based on silicon nitride were developed for the volume machining of plastics. The ceramic material is extremely light, and the tools achieve maximum speed values without loading the spindle bearings. Due to a newly developed chip geometry, the highest feed rates, which could not be achieved until now, are achieved. The cutting geometry and the optimized grinding of the tools produce perfect cutting edges. We would be pleased to advise you personally. We look forward to your call.


In the medical and dental industry more and more materials are being used that meet the requirements of different materials in terms of surface quality and tool life. Here we offer our complete product portfolio for the different machines and materials of ball nose and full radius cutters but also of end mills and torus cutters all the way to a diamond coated version.


In times of demographic change, medical technology is gaining more and more applications – be it implants, surgical instruments or medical apparatus. The common feature of these engineering components is that the application of new materials can help people much better. In the field of implants, components are made from plastics such as UHM/PE, PEEK, CFRP or from metals such as titanium, stainless steel or chromium-cobalt steels. In order to be able to manufacture these components cost-effectively and quickly, special tools from the Hufschmied production program are required. Not only toric milling tools, copy milling tools, but also twist drills and step drills are used to machine these plastics free from fibers, burrs and with the highest surface quality. The surface quality and durability of the machining tools are also important for metals. These tools are used, for example, for knee prostheses, dental implants, but also for dialysis equipment and pacemakers. We would be pleased to advise you personally. We look forward to your call.


For the high demands placed on service life and process reliability when cutting plastic and leather hides, Hufschmied has developed cutting blades made of carbide or ceramic. For example, this allows invisible tear-off edges in airbag systems to be cut safely and precisely. Mass-produced steel blades made of spring steel do not meet these requirements. The individual marking and traceability of the solid carbide (TC) blades increases process reliability.

Advantages of solid carbide blades:
Mass-produced steel blades are very cost-effective, but cut highly inaccurately. Power Blades from Hufschmied increase process reliability and are a more cost-effective solution in the medium term due to their longer service life (by a factor of 10 to 20).

Solid carbide blades for cutting scores into foils and skins in the cold cutting process:
The solid carbide design leads to extremely long tool life with the highest cutting quality. The long cycle times enable virtually uninterrupted production in series operation, particularly in the case of airbag blanks.

Power Blade blades meet the high safety requirements of the automotive industry 100 percent.

We will be happy to advise you personally. We look forward to your call.


The Graphite-Line includes mini ball end mills and full radius cutters for machining graphite. Special highlights are the roughing cutters and finishing cutters for reducing the machining time of an electrode.


For machining hard steels we have the Hard-Line tools for toolmaking. Here we start with diameter 0.5 with the ball and torus end mills as mini end mills, up to the large multi-flute end mills for cutting tool making up to diameter 20.


The tools in the Copper-Line are characterized by highest dimensional accuracy and concentricity. Their special feature: the polishing grinding in the chip space and at the first clearance angle of the periphery. Long tool life and short machining times make their use very economical. Due to the large variety, the right tool for almost every application.