Process optimization

Step 1 The analysis – processes, machines and material on the test bench.

Use of the latest analysis and measurement technologies:

High-speed cameras
High-resolution microscopes
3D cutting-edge measuring devices
SonicShark® acoustic inline quality control

Review of the overall manufacturing strategy:

Feasibility analyses of the machines used
Assessment of the component clamping
Analysis of the tools used

The aim of this comprehensive process analysis is to precisely determine the ACTUAL state and to identify all cost drivers and factors that negatively influence the machining result. During this process, the same expert Hufschmied contact is always available to you from the start to the end of the project.

Excellent processes thanks to our many years of expertise

With the right solutions, machining time and manual rework can be massively reduced, especially in series production. When machining technically demanding materials, there are many starting points for keeping machining costs as low as possible and maximizing quality without reworking. Take advantage of the more than 30 years of experience and competence of Hufschmied Process Consulting, optimize your manufacturing processes and increase your profitability sustainably!

The common goal of all measures is to optimize your production by improving your machining quality and speed with the aim of reducing your production costs. The basis is the analysis and optimization of each individual process step. We achieve this competitive advantage together in three steps.

Step 2 Optimization – In every respect. And down to the smallest detail.

The more extensive the machining processes become, the more options there are for optimizing them. Based on your requirements, we develop a coherent concept that eliminates all weak points.

The basis of this optimization is a comprehensive analysis of the machining process using the latest measuring and analysis technology. We thus penetrate into the area of machining where the chips are produced. In combination with our broad and deep understanding of materials, this gives us access to all the detailed parameters that influence the quality, efficiency, running time and costs of machining the component. The end result is the material- and tool-optimized programming of your machine.

Goals in the second step

Achieving rework-free quality
Cost-optimized manufacturing processes
Reduction in the number of tools required
Optimizing the capacity of your production facilities
Shortest possible processing time while complying with all quality specifications
Resource-saving use of tools
Technology transfer

Step 3 Implementation – Turning insights into maximum returns.

The basis for implementation is a comprehensive package of measures that fully exploits all the possibilities of your production facilities.

Strong together

In addition to the material-optimized programming of your machine, we take advantage of the significant benefits that can be achieved through the use of our process-optimized molds. Together with you, we will unlock the full potential for a cost-, time- and quality-optimized series process to demonstrably and significantly increase your competitiveness.

Goals in the third step

Running-in of the entire process on your premises
Material-specific use of the corresponding process-optimized Hufschmied tools
Adjustment and fine-tuning of all process parameters on site
Sample processing according to your quality requirements
Start of series production at your company in the optimized process
■ Further optimization of the tools for maximum achievable service life
■ Training of your employees

In a standardized and proven process to series production readiness. Verifiable results – completely according to plan.

Our strengths…

Continuous application consulting has always been one of our greatest strengths. Now we have consolidated the consulting excellence at our company, increased personnel and offer comprehensive engineering to our customers as an independent service.

…Your advantages

This engineering process, standardized by us, enables us to start series production on the production facilities on site, often within a few days. All preliminary tests and programming are carried out in our HSC center in Bobingen. Once all parameters are defined, we run the process on your machines. This relieves your production capacity considerably.

Show initiative

Practical experiencefor practical use. This is our claim for a service whose value-added contribution you can immediately benefit from in the form of reduced machining costs.

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Our strategy: comprehensive testing of the entire machining process, from the submission of the quotation to the initial test, the initial sample and the series production process. Contact us. Together we will optimize your production step by step.

Start your optimization today!

Our standardized engineering process developed for you in detail:

Your inquiry
Clarification of your requirements by our experienced employees
Our offer
Creation of a requirements profile in consultation with you
On-site research: Which machine is used with which machining parameters?
Adoption of your individual machine, component and clamping parameters  
Initial tests in Bobingen:
  Tool preselection
  Force measurement
  Surface measurement
  Initial wear considerations
Programming of the machine by our experienced Hufschmied team
Running-in of the entire process on site at your company
Adjustment and fine-tuning of all process parameters directly at your site
Start of series production using the optimized process at your site
Training of your employees
Set-up of consignment warehouse in Bobingen for just-in-time tool supply




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