Engineering consulting

Economical and safe production processes

Hufschmied’s material-optimized cutting tools develop their full economic potential when they are also used in optimized processes. At Hufschmied Consulting, we support you in modernizing your processes: together, we systematically develop efficient, competitive and future-oriented process chains.

In order to make production processes more effective and to reduce the “cost-per-part”, we first analyze the existing production processes in your company. In doing so, a detailed simulation setup of your existing production chain is created in the Hufschmied Engineering Center. On this basis, we work together on the re-engineering of your processes until we have defined the optimum processes for your production. In the test center, we can develop the optimal cutting geometry for the respective material directly on your components.

Finally, we record how the target process can be implemented in your production in detailed specifications and exact technical implementation protocols.
In addition, we are happy to accompany the introduction of the optimized production process on site in your company.

Numerous market-leading companies have made use of Hufschmied’s technical consulting services and benefit daily from our know-how, which makes their production faster, safer and more cost-effective. Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with references.