PMMA/ACRYLIC, DiBond, PC, plastics, thermoplastics, Plexiglas: milling, drilling

Material-optimized processing of innovative display materials and advertising media.

Plastics are light, stable and particularly easy to form. Sophisticated forms and impressive visual effects can be realized with them. When it comes to the production of advertising material, it is always about the best possible processing of modern plastics. From Hufschmied you will receive the material-optimized tools with which this can be achieved with high precision and at the same time economically. From illuminated lettering on the facade to the display for the showroom to the counter display at the point of sale. Clear cut edges without milling marks or matt edges that look like they have been blasted save a lot of effort when polishing or grinding afterwards - let the plastic processing tools convince you.

Displays for outdoor and indoor – figureheads of the Hufschmied Editing tools

Thermoplastics are the plastics of choice for the manufacture of illuminated lettering, signage and point of sale displays. They are light, can be shaped in complex ways and, depending on the material, are as weatherproof, stable and translucent as required.

For material-optimized processing, there is von Hufschmied two ideally suited product series: The tools of the Universal-Line and Sharp-Line keep the processing temperature low and create optimal conditions for the productive machining of plastics.

The results are impressive: The processing without burrs and with high quality on the cut edges makes post-processing superfluous. This is what they do Hufschmied Tools also make an important contribution to economical production in a highly competitive industry.

Clear view for customers and sales team –
Perfect processing of acrylic glass

From sales showcases to hygiene protection walls and history protection - acrylic glass is a classic that is currently in particularly high demand again. From Hufschmied With the milling per Plex Line you get specialized Plexiglas milling cutters with which you can realize high feed rates, burr-free processing and almost crystal-clear cutting edges. You can achieve results in first-class aesthetics for product presentation, counter or checkout areas without rework. But even Plexiglas engravings are possible: with our graver, which achieves perfect engravings.

Material-optimized processing of innovative display materials and advertising media.

Optimum milling of aluminum Dibond displays

Aluminum Dibond displays are among the standard materials in the advertising industry and trade fair construction. The plastic core of the advertising medium makes the material particularly light and easy to work with, while the aluminum exterior can be given a sophisticated and glossy design with engravings and lettering. From Hufschmied With the Universal Line you get the tools for optimal machining with high feed rates. Burr-free and chatter-free surfaces on the visible edges make rework unnecessary, even with Aluminum Dibond.

Foam Material for Packaging - Clean Machining Solutions from Hufschmied

Do you produce foam packaging? You can also obtain material-optimized tools from for these materials Hufschmied.

We have developed the Universal Line DFO tools especially for the production of soft and medium-hard foams. Due to the very sharp blade geometry, they work without squeezing the foam. This reliably avoids markings or imprints. 
You should use the carbon cutters from the Fiber-Line especially for processing hard foams with a high removal volume Hufschmied choose.

The editing tools for most advertising material applications are in the Hufschmied Online shop available at short notice in stock. For complex machining tasks, simply contact das Hufschmied Consulting: Our specialists will be happy to support you in choosing the right tools or develop entire processes with you.

Complex shapes and the highest surface quality, even with clear or soft materials

Industry burner


Raven - Milling with Plex.

  • "Crystal clear" processing of PMMA materials and PC without polishing or flaming
  • Specially matched tip geometry protects the clamping plate from premature wear
  • Roughing and finishing of the cutting edge with just one tool
  • Low cutting temperature protects the cutting edge from clouding
  • Longest service life thanks to specially developed hard metals and micro-structured cutting edges

→ Per Plex tools are the benchmark in Plexiglas processing of advertising materials such as illuminated letters