Graphite, Copper, Hard Steel: Milling, Drilling, Threading, Engraving, Profiling

Hufschmied cutting systems for tool & mold making

Manufacturing in the tool and die industry is subject to ever-increasing expectations for efficiency and quality. Hufschmied knows the requirements and can provide you with ideal support: With a unique complete range of tools for all important materials such as graphite, copper or hard steels. And with the know-how to reduce machining times by up to 50% compared to conventional processes. The production of tools and molds in the Hufschmied Time-Saving Process also includes on-site programming and staff training. In this way, we supply the complete package for reducing the “cost per part” overall. Intelligent process control, long tool life and precision for high-precision components – this is how success goes into series production.

Today, Hufschmied is the German full-range supplier for the highly efficient machining of all important materials in tool and mold making. Intelligent process control, high-precision manufacturing with 100% end-measured tools, even for hard metals, and patented cutting-edge geometries can reduce machining times by up to 50%. This makes it possible to efficiently achieve short machining cycles with long tool life and smooth, burr-free components in series production.

Highest possible tool precision thanks to 100% end-measured tools for all significant materials.

Through continuous dialog with universities and our intensive tool development, we have laid the foundations for first-class precision tools. You will find the right tool for every machining task at Hufschmied. Four specialized product lines are available today:


Graphite machining application example

Substrate, geometry and coating design are critical to tool productivity and performance. Our Graftor® is equipped with the DIP® nanocrystalline diamond coating patented for Hufschmied for cost-effective graphite machining – all geometries are optimized for graphite.

The performance and advantages of the Graftor®

Special tip geometry for extremely high feed rates with very good surface finishes
Special tip geometry for extremely high feed rates with very good surface finishes
Only one tool for roughing and finishing without tool changes
Nanocrystalline diamond coating® for maximum tool life

Steel machining application example:
High-performance tools for hardened steel up to 72 HRC

Hard milling also plays an increasingly important role in tool and die making. Hard milling offers great potential for supplementing process chains and can even completely replace certain work steps. However, when machining very hard special materials, the tool used is very important.

Here, Hufschmied offers you the Graphite and Hard-Line in three precision variants:
Robo-Line for highest precision and quality
Business-Line for standard precision and quality
Eco-Line for particularly cost-effective milling processes

Accuracy and surface quality are particularly important in tool and mold making. Especially when milling narrow, deep contours and cavities, the demands on the milling tool are high.

Machining vehicle interiors –
with Hufschmied to appealing results

Hufschmied has special HSC (High Speed Cutting) milling cutters in its range for use in automotive interiors, for example for decorative components, light guides and head-up displays. These material-related cutting tools from the Sharp-Line are ideal for high gloss as well as the machining of soft plastics or soft aluminum on high-speed machining centers, such as those used in the production of interior components.

Intelligent processes and continuous research for halved machining times with individually component-tuned precision.

For machining hard steels, Hufschmied has developed Hard-Line tools. The diameters of these drills and milling cutters range from 0.5 millimeters for the ball and torus cutters as mini-milling cutters, to the large multi-bladed cutters for cutting tool construction up to a diameter of 20 millimeters. This enables you to achieve machining results of convincing quality for components with a wide range of geometries.

Industry burner


Graftor® – Graphite

  • Roughing and finishing with only one tool
  • Skiving geometry doubles the possible metal removal rate, allowing smaller tools to be used for roughing and pre-finishing as well
  • Tool changes can be saved due to smaller tools
  • 3 times the tool life due to four compression peeling cutting edges
  • Nanocrystalline diamond coating DIP ® avoids adhesion of graphite residues on the cutting edges
  • Significantly fewer different tool diameters are required per electrode
  • Compression cutting ensures minimum cutting pressure in order to be able to work out filigree structures in the shortest possible time
  • Highest delivery capability due to production and warehousing in Germany

→ Enormous cost savings of at least 50%.
→ Halving of the machining time ensures enormous time savings during processing

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