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Finding your
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Milling ceramics

Keramik fräsen Hufschmied Fräser

Due to their advantageous chemical characteristics, ceramic materials continue to grow in significance for mechanical engineering and construction. Their great toughness makes them the ideal choice for deployment in power engineering. Furthermore, their inherent characteristics can be modified by the addition of alloys or fibrous materials. Ceramic materials can be machined in three phases: processing of greenware, processing of bisque ware and hard machining.

Greenware processing is done on a ceramic body that has not yet been fired. For this task, we recommend the use of our diamond-coated Piranha cutters in ball nose, end mill or torus versions. Hufschmied mini milling cutters –available in ball nose or torus versions – and our PCD tools are also well-suited for the job.

Bisque-ware processing – the processing of fired greenware – can be perfectly accomplished by using our SHARP-LINE tools. An extremely keen-edged cutter geometry exerts just minor forces on the component and thus reliably prevents the breakout of small particles.

Hard-machining of ceramics deals with the glaze-ware phase. Attention needs to focus on the avoidance of introducing cracks or other damage mechanisms during processing.

For this, we recommend the use of our PCD tools and our spiral drills with solid PCD tips. For extremely hard or brittle materials, these tools are designed to cope with ultrasonic impact.

Why Hufschmied?

  • We provide tools for greenware processing, bisque ware processing and hard machining.
  • Diamond-coated three-flute cutters (ball nose and torus cutters) for greenware processing
  • Push-processing tool geometries for bisque ware processing
  • PCD helix tools for hard machining
  • Team of specialists for solving complicated processing challenges


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