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Thread-milling CRP/CFRP

CFK-Gewinde fraesen Hufschmied

Fibre-reinforced plastics play a role in a multitude of applications. These materials with their high content of glass or carbon fibres are not just limited to applications in electronics but are also utilised in vehicle interior and exterior design. Hufschmied FIBER-LINE tools are ideally suited to meet all of those specified high demands concerning tool life, surface quality and cutting quality. In a European benchmark test launched by the Technical University (TU) Vienna, Hufschmied came first in both 2013 and 2014. We offer a wide choice of tools for both milling and drilling of a large variety of CRP/CFRP, GRP/GFRP materials, organo-sheet material, GMT, SMC, LFI and LFT. These tools feature different cutting geometry orientations to cope with the diversity of the above-mentioned materials.

Why Hufschmied?

Hufschmied drilling and milling tools feature a superior chip geometry specifically tailored to “cool” milling and sharp uniform cutting edges.
The entire tool range is fashioned out of special hardened metals and has been optimised for the general wear challenges present in fibre-reinforced plastics.
Distinctive chip breaker geometries combined with reduced cutting forces minimise prevailing processing forces and lower processing temperatures to prevent delamination, fraying or fibre protrusions. Hufschmied products further distinguish themselves with their large choice of standard catalogue tools and the wide variety of dimensioned tools available from stock. Our team of experienced milling specialists will assist you in solving your specific milling challenges. Optimised milling programmes will handle any sector-specific processing task in a cost-effective way.

Our tool range for the milling of fibre-reinforced plastics:

Surface quality and tool life:

Overview of the Hufschmied product range for the milling of fibre composites in respect to surface quality and service life:

Thread-milling CRP/CFRP
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Milling CRP/CFRP carbon fibres

Our HEXA-CUT and T-REX tools achieve excellent results when machining carbon fibre materials (CRP/CFRP).

Why Hufschmied?

Hufschmied supplies the largest choice in a standard tool range for the economical processing of CRP/CFRP.
Carbon fibre material and CRP/CFRP, respectively, are the number-one material in lightweight construction – indispensable in motorsports for decades. For some years now, carbon fibre and CRP/CFRP have been successfully used in aerospace technology. Automotive construction makes good use of these ultra-light, extremely strong and exceedingly versatile carbon fibre composites.
A great number of manufacturing methods and a high variability in both fibres and matrices make it possible to design components that are optimally adapted to the flux-of-force. The integration of function also plays a great role in this.

Milling GRP/GFRP glass fibre materials

For glass fibre, GRP/GFRP materials, we offer pyramid-shape toothed routers and PCD tools with a large choice in milling cutters and drills.

Why Hufschmied?

Glass fibre materials, GRP/GFRP – just like carbon fibres – are increasingly used in aerospace, motorsports and automotive construction. They also find a use as insulators in wind turbines.
Hufschmied delivers the largest standard range for the economical processing of glass fibre material and GRP/GFRP.

Milling honeycomb structures


HEXA-CUT PW tools were specifically developed to work paper honeycomb and glass fibre reinforced paper honeycomb. Large-scale processing of honeycomb structures with or without skins is best accomplished by using our 168 PW combi tool. Using the HEXA-CUT 065AHO milling cutter achieves excellent results when machining aluminium honeycomb. For honeycomb structures in general, Hufschmied offers a wide choice of ultrasound blades under the product name of POWER-BLADE.

Why Hufschmied?

Extreme rigidity at a 90 degree angle relative to honeycomb. Our customers use this tool range for FRP materials, to be able to produce even lighter components in aircraft interiors or turbine housings. Hufschmied offers a wide range of material- optimised tools and cost-efficient processing strategies for accuracy in series production.

Milling natural fibres

Materials made of natural fibres are more difficult to process than carbon or glass fibres. Due to the natural variation in the growth of plants – compared to industrially produced fibres – a wider set of parameters must be taken into account. Compression tools are ideally suited to meet these demands – for example carbon cutters with a pyramid-tooth system.

Why Hufschmied?

Flax and hemp fibres are used for instance as a base and insulating material for interior door panels in the automotive industry. These panels can be machined in a very cost-efficient way by Hufschmied compression tools.

Milling aramid

Aramid demands a cutter geometry suited to its “textile” structure. To avoid fibre fraying, tools are equipped with compression cutting features. Since aramid fibres are embedded in a polymer matrix, it is crucial to keep the cutting temperature as low as possible. Depending on fibre content, end-mill and ball-nose cutters 161 and 193, respectively, are best adapted to the task.

Why Hufschmied?

Aramid is used as a ballistic material due to its toughness and dependability. Typical applications in combination with other fibres are: safety helmets, monocoque bodies in the racing car sector and military applications. Hufschmied offers a wide range of material-optimised tools with cost-efficient processing strategies for accuracy in series production.

Milling synthetic fibres

Synthetic fibres are used in the industry to customise plastics ento suit a variety of requirement specifications. A vast choice of fibres are available, ranging from viscose to rubber. Every fibre is exposed to the machining process. High-speed cutters and drills from our UNIVERSAL-LINE and SHARP-LINE meet the requirements of both matrix and embedded fibre. Cutting geometries featuring a keen cutting edge enable a machining process at relatively low temperatures; polished flutes make a high chip disposal speed possible. This avoids any fibre protrusions or the gumming up of components.

Why Hufschmied?

Keen-edged cutter geometries allow for a relatively low-temperature milling process; polished flutes enable a high chip disposal speed. This avoids any fibre protrusions or the gumming up of components.


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