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Finding your
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Milling graphite

Graphit fräsen Hufschmied Fräser

Graphit fräsen Hufschmied Fräser

In tool and mould making, graphite has by and large superseded copper in the manufacturing of electrodes. Its only limitation is when electrodes with high surface requirements are specified. Graphite is also used in the fields of mechanical engineering and construction and medical engineering. For the processing of graphite electrodes, we recommend the use of our “Time Saving Concept”. Additional to the 107GR roughing cutter in both ball nose and end mill versions, Piranha end mill, torus and ball nose cutters are also available for finishing. For detailed work, our DIP-coated mini milling cutters are available from a 0.2 to a 2mm diameter with various projection lengths.

The “Time-Saving Concept” significantly reduces production time for graphite electrodes, ordinarily by about 25-30% as compared to other processing methods.

GRAPHIT-LINE tools can also be used for the machining of ceramic greenware or carbide green parts. PCD tools of the GRAPHIT-LINE are used for large-area electrodes with extreme runtime or for working hard ceramic material, soft ceramic matrix composites (CMC) or carbon fibre-reinforced composites (CFC).

Why Hufschmied?

  • Time-Saving Concept (roughing cutter (invented by Hufschmied) Piranha smoothing cutter)
  • Cost-effective ECO tools
  • Extra-long tools/ optional tools
  • Extremely diverse product range of two-three and four-flute tools
  • Nano-crystalline smooth diamond layer, resulting in excellent edge retention and a high abrasion resistance
  • Extensive range of mini milling cutters (ball nose/torus cutters) with a shank diameter of 3, 4 and 6mm
  • Excellent readiness to supply (95% from stock)
  • Team of experts for solving complicated processing issues and their implementation in CAD/CAM
  • Tools up to a diameter of 20mm


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