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Milling non-ferrous metals

Why Hufschmied?

Hufschmied provides a wide choice of diverse tool geometries and coatings – suited to the many available alloys ranging from soft to ultra-hard. Furthermore, there are different geometry lines, varied corner radii and clearance lengths tailored to the requirements of the user.

Our tool range for the milling of the following non-ferrous metals:

Surface quality and tool life:

Overview of Hufschmied product lines for the machining of non-ferrous metals concerning surface quality and tool life:

Non Ferrous
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Milling aluminium dibond

Today, aluminium-polymer laminates are mostly used in the advertising sector, trade fair display industry and in the production of metal housing. Due to their polymer core, these materials are extremely light and, as panels, can be worked with little effort. The top and bottom aluminium skins can be engraved or have lettering applied, so that they display a metallic sheen. These materials can also be shaped by folding, to recreate virtually any 3D structure. UNIVERSAL-LINE tools have the benefit of polished blades, facilitating the removal of the resulting chip volume without gumming up. Machined surfaces are burr-free and able to meet even the most demanding quality standards. For the afore-mentioned machining by folding and the design of suitable tools, please contact us.

Tool groups: 110/111/112, 110GF, KD201/KD202/KD203

Why Hufschmied?

Aluminium dibond is mainly used in advertising technology and for signage. For the processing of this composite material made from aluminium and polyamide, single- flute cutters from our UNIVERSAL-LINE and KD-polymer drills are best suited.

Milling aluminium

Aluminium fraesen Hufschmied

Nowadays, aluminium is a material for lightweight construction that is virtually ubiquitous. It is available in a large number of alloys, with grades of hardness ranging from very soft – for design applications – to ultra-hard, used in the aerospace and automotive industry. For those soft aluminium alloys, we recommend the use of our UNIVERSAL-and SHARP-LINE tools. The focus here is mainly on the quality of the cut surface and the avoidance of burr formation. The cutter geometries of both our SHARP-LINE and UNIVERSAL-LINE combine a long service life with a premium surface quality and the avoidance of burrs. Medium-hard aluminium alloys are best machined with our two- or three-flute PROTO-LINE tools. These tools with their polished flutes offer the optimum in removal rate, tool life and feed rate. By adding the ALX series PVD coating or a DIP monocrystalline diamond coating, these tools can be adapted to the current requirement specifications and thus provide perfect cost-efficiency. In particular, ball nose cutters of the HC402 series and torus cutters of the HC402 series are ideally suited to these materials, perfected for high rotational speeds and feed rates.

Tool groups: HC452/HC402/HC453/HC403

Alle Werkzeuge sind auch mit Innenkühlung lieferbar.

Why Hufschmied?

PROTO-LINE tools featuring various types of coating have been developed for the machining of aluminium. Pure aluminium and very soft aluminium alloys can be perfectly machined using our single-flute SHARP-LINE tools.

Milling extruded aluminium

Nowadays, extruded aluminium profiles make an appearance in a multitude of sectors – starting with window mouldings or internal structural walls. Increasingly, this material is being used in the automotive industry. The machining of mouldings normally requires a good, burr-free surface quality of the milled edges. Furthermore, machining repeatedly causes tension stresses within the material that react back into the tool. End mills and torus end mills of the CA402 series are designed in a way to effortlessly meet the requirements for component quality and to absorb any reaction forces by the specially formulated substrate material, so as to prevent any damage to the cutting edge or even tool breakages during processing.

Why Hufschmied?

For exterior mouldings, as used in vehicle and window construction, we recommend our CA402 tools and the single-flute milling tools of our UNIVERSAL-LINE. A definitive cutter geometry and a special hardened-metal substrate makes these tools even suitable for robot machining centres.

Milling copper

Kupfer Elektrode fraesen Hufschmied

Copper is being used for the manufacturing of copper electrodes in electrical engineering and model making. To prevent burr formation and achieve the highest possible surface qualities, we recommend our uncoated Piranha tools and our series HC910 HSC cutters.

Why Hufschmied?

Tools for the machining of copper have to excel in both dimensional and run-out accuracy. Their special characteristic: A polished finish in the chip space and the first clearance angle of the diameter. Long tool life and short processing times allow for economical operation. A wide range of products provides the correct tool for virtually every application.

Milling titanium

High-integrity components in aeroplanes and cars increasingly rely on titanium in various grades. In medical engineering, titanium is used for implants. To economically machine titanium, distinct tool geometries are necessary to deal with high abrasion rates during milling and, at the same time, to prevent any burr formation on the machined parts. The characteristics of different titanium grades being so varied, we provide several types of tools for this machining process. All tools feature high-gloss polished flutes and, in combination with the number of cutte blades and geometries, we offer a complete range of end mill, torus and ball nose tools to enable the cost-efficient, high-performance, optimised machining of any titanium grade.

Why Hufschmied?

There are five main grades of titanium on the market. Special substrate materials and coatings on different tool geometry lines enable the user to meet individual processing challenges on a variety of machining tools. Three-, four- and five-flute torus and ball nose cutters are available, also in combination with chip breakers suitable for titanium. Both wet and dry machining are possible. Polished flutes and margins prevent material smears and lower the chip temperature.

Milling brass

Brass still plays an important role in electrical engineering. Main demands here are good surface quality and burr-free machining. PROTO-LINE tools meet these requirements. A comprehensive range of two- and three-flute milling tools - in both torus and ball nose versions – offer a wide choice of tools to deal with the demands posed by different brass alloys and particular components. Polished flutes allow for steady and smear-free machining.

Why Hufschmied?

Three- and four-flute torus and ball nose cutters are available. Polished flutes and margins prevent material smears and lower the chip temperature.

Milling magnesium

In the course of light-weight construction, magnesium is increasingly gaining in significance, especially in the automotive industry. Hufschmied machining tools are designed to cope with the high-speed machining of this material. PROTO-LINE drills and milling cutters feature highly-polished flutes that are optimised for the friction effect on a magnesium chip in such a way that even with relatively minor chip diameters the risk of chip ignition is removed. Furthermore, tools can be fitted with an internal cooling system – blast air cooling keeps machining processes at very low temperatures.

Why Hufschmied?

Three-, four- and five-flute torus and ball nose cutters are available. Polished flutes and margins prevent material smears and lower chip temperature.


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