107GRRRoughing Ball end mill ball radius R = 0,5 x d


Article ID C D1 D2 L1 L2 L3 ER F Price Buy
107GR03R-WDDIP335010067.20 €
107GR03FR-WDDIP3350520058.40 €
107GR04R-WDDIP445012074.00 €
107GR04FR-WDDIP4450520065.10 €
107GR05R-WDDIP5562150110.30 €
107GR05LR-WDDIP561008500102.00 €
107GR06R-WDDIP6660180116.10 €
107GR06LR-WDDIP6610010500113.10 €
107GR06FR-WDDIP661006700110.40 €
107GR08R-WDDIP8863200146.20 €
107GR08LR-WDDIP8810012600133.20 €
107GR08FR-WDDIP881258700133.80 €
107GR10R-WDDIP101072250205.70 €
107GR10LR-WDDIP101010015600187.70 €
107GR10FR-WDDIP101012510800185.10 €
107GR12R-WDDIP121283300252.90 €
107GR12XLR-WDDIP1212150301000255.60 €
107GR12FR-WDDIP121212512800231.70 €
107GR16KR-WDDIP1616100200455.90 €
107GR16R-WDDIP1616150351000489.80 €
Tooth types in this product range:

Carbon cutters are available with various types of teeth:
N - fine
WD – medium
GR - coarse

The WDV version has been optimised for vibration-reduced processing. Combined with extremely wear-resistant hard metals and coatings, it achieves an excellent surface quality even when faced with highly abrasive materials at high processing speeds.

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Graphit, Keramik-Grünling

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Formenbau, Werkzeugbau, Modellbau, Vorrichtungsbau

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