Fräsen Per Plex®

FRÄSEN PER PLEX® tools are geared to the needs of Perspex®/Plexiglas® machining. End mills and ball nose cutters achieve well-defined edges in Perspex®/Plexiglas®, showcasing a highly cost-effective and easy-to-use technology.

Milling Perspex®/Plexiglas® - defined edges with milling cutters by Hufschmied
A systematic approach to the machining of plastics: Using our FRÄSEN PER PLEX® tools, you are able to achieve excellent surface quality and sharply-defined edges when milling and polishing. Straightforward roughing and finishing with just one single tool.
Tool examples in the video clip: 110FPE10-27, 110FPE06, 110FPER03, 110FPER04, 110V040040, HM905L005, KD201S021