To meet the high demands for tool life and process safety when cutting plastic and leather skin, Hufschmied has developed cutting edges of hard alloy or ceramics.

For example these allow invisible tear edges for airbag systems safely and precise. Mass produced blades made of spring steel cannot fulfil these requirements. The individual marking and traceability of the Solid Hard-Alloy blades (VHM) increases process safety.

The advantages of VHM-Blades:
Mass produced steel blades are very cheap but cut highly inaccurate. Power Blades by Hufschmied increase process safety and are the more cost-efficient solution in medium-term due to the higher tool life (factors 10 to 20).

Solid hard alloy blades for cutting and scoring foils and skins using cold-cut method:
The VHM results in extremely high tool life at highest cutting quality. Especially when cutting airbags the long cycle-times allow for almost interruption free production in series operation.

Power Blade edges meet the high safety requirements of the automotive industry to 100 percent.

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