The product sector „High Performance Tools” for model making is covered by our PROTO- LINE, providing torus and ball nose cutters for Ureol® and aluminium.

Processing aluminium – with the PROTO-LINE by Hufschmied
Process-optimised tools geared to the high demands of processing aluminium in the manufacturing of prototypes and model making.
Tool examples in the video clip: HC402F12005, HC402S06020-40, HC452030, HC452040, HM905L005, 110V040040, KD201S021

Milling Ureol® - with PROTO-LINE by Hufschmied
Ureol® is used increasingly for mould making and fixture construction. The advantages of this material lie in low dust generation, good machining properties of the workpiece surface and a lack of distortion. Touching up or reworking imperfections as well as working with glued blocks pose no problems.
Tool examples in the video clip: HC402F12005, HC402060, HC452030, HC452040, 110V040040, KD201S021, 110GF-M3