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  • ShadowDrill® | AD401GF

    The ShadowDrill® with its patented cutting geometry enables both drilling and tapping.Thread milling is an ideal option for tapping both PEEK holes and hubs. With this, they achieve higher quality threads.This is just one of the many specialized tools from Farrier that allow you to work more efficiently and save both time and money.For excellent…

  • Piranha® | 63CWIF

    Discover hidden potential with the Piranha milling cutter. Mirror-smooth surface milling in graphite is something unprecedented. The extremely smooth surface quality is achieved by a proprietary DIP-Nano tool coating and unique cutting edges. This enables high-end manufacturing solutions such as cell phone glass displays via EDM. The difference lies in the detail! Your advantages at…


    Taking off with Hufschmied Technology! Special machining tools from Hufschmied make the machining of CF/PEEK more efficient. This means that important structural components of drones can be manufactured without costly manual reworking. This saves time and money! For excellent results, choose Hufschmied. Here you can find our HexaCut® in the online store.  

  • ClayStar® | 110CSH

    ClayStar® | 110CSH

    With the right tools from Hufschmied, clay can now be processed even more efficiently and economically.The ClayStar® developed by Hufschmied allows an increased feed rate so that you can turn your ideas into reality even faster. Here you can find our ClayStar® in the online store.

  • HC645 | Hard-Line®

    The tools of the Hard-Line are virtually predestined for machining steels up to a hardness of 72 HRC. Thanks to a special tool geometry, even the hardest steels, such as the M390 from voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG, can be machined effortlessly. Here finden SIe unseren HC645 im Onlineshop.  

  • Blockbuster® | 394RO

    Thanks to the patented tool design, the Blockbuster® can rough as well as finish. A real all-rounder. Just mill and you’re done! Fast, precise, economical: Farrier makes milling block material child’s play. To make the machining process of block materials particularly economical, use our Blockbuster®. We thank RAMPF for a continuous partnership. For the best…

  • Graftor® | 394GR

    Innovation is the engine of the future Graftor®. Roughing + Finishing = Profiting Uniquely efficient with only one milling tool! The special cutting edge of the Graftor® tool enables roughing and finishing with only one tool. Coupled with exceptionally high stock removal rates while maintaining low cutting forces, the Graftor® is a truly revolutionary tool.…

  • Zirkonator® | 394DTA

    Zirkonator® – Patented High Performance Tool, from Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH, for zirconia machining with patented DIP® coating. This allows crowns to be completed in under 4 minutes. The patented HVVPT („High Velocity High Volume Performance Tool“) is thus unique on the market for zirconia machining. Thanks to the patented DIP® coating, the service life is…

  • Wolverine | HC403BD

    With love for the craft💕 The Wolverine tool puts farrier right in the heart of many users. 35% faster roughing, as well as the best surface quality speak for themselves! We would like to thank our partner Solidcam for the great partnership. Here you can find our Wolverine in the online store.  

  • 112SH | Sharp-Line®

    Thanks to the special tool geometries of the 112SH, dental aligners can be processed more efficiently. This not only saves time, but also money! The very low cutting forces of the 112SH SHARP-LINE® tool guarantee excellent surface quality. Hufschmied puts a smile on your face. Here you can find our 112SH in our online store.…